AUV & SUV Charging

Introduction to AUV & SUV Charging

Subsea docking is a critical operation in the underwater environment, enabling the secure and efficient deployment and recovery of subsea vehicles like Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). It’s the technology that allows these vehicles to ‘dock’ or ‘park’ on the seafloor, often to recharge, transfer data, or take a sheltered rest during long-term missions.

The Science Behind

AUV & SUV Charging

Charging for AUVs and SUVs involves delivering power in a challenging underwater environment. Using advanced solid-state technology and custom-designed connectors, we’re able to safely transfer power from our subsea charging stations to these vehicles, even in the harsh conditions of the seafloor.

Importance of AUV/SUV Charging

in Remote Locations

Reliable charging solutions for AUVs and SUVs in remote locations are essential to sustain prolonged missions and facilitate uninterrupted data collection and exploration. Without such solutions, the scope of these vehicles’ operations could be severely limited, impacting the efficiency and success of underwater missions.

Our Charging Solutions

At Roper Resources Ltd, we’ve developed ARCS – an innovative solid-state subsea power and communication connector. These custom charging stations, designed for use in extreme underwater conditions, provide the necessary power to AUVs and SUVs, ensuring their continuous operation. Our charging stations are built to offer dependable service, enabling the successful execution of your underwater missions.

Integration with Subsea Docking

Our AUV and SUV charging solutions are seamlessly integrated with our subsea docking systems. This integration allows for a streamlined operation where vehicles can dock, recharge, and transfer data in a single step, reducing downtime and increasing overall mission efficiency.


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