Consulting Services

Introduction to Our Consulting Services

At Roper Resources Ltd, we provide expert consulting services across a range of disciplines within the renewable seafloor-based power and underwater robotics sector. We understand that each project has unique requirements and challenges, which is why our team, led by industry veteran Chris Roper, provides tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Chris Roper’s Expertise

With over four decades in the subsea robotics industry, Chris Roper brings unparalleled expertise to every project. He’s not just a veteran in the industry; he’s a pioneer, having introduced and demonstrated several firsts in the sector. His achievements include:


  • Introducing the first ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for under $20,000
  • Bringing Gavia AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) to the US Navy and North American market
  • Introducing Ivor AUV to the Canadian Navy
  • Debuting the Sabertooth to the North American market
  • Demonstrating the first AUV subsea valve activation (NASA Sabertooth demo, 2015)
  • Showing the first subsea recharging of Sabertooth using a subsea fuel cell
  • Exhibiting the first Renewable Power recharge of Sabertooth (WET’S demo, 2023)

Renewable Energy Consultation

Our renewable energy consultations focus on leveraging the power of the sea to provide sustainable energy solutions for underwater operations. Whether you’re setting up an underwater research facility, a seafloor-based power station, or any other underwater operation, we can help you integrate efficient and clean energy solutions into your plans.

    Subsea Infrastructure Consultation

    Our team provides expert consultation on the design, implementation, and maintenance of your subsea infrastructure. Drawing on decades of industry experience, we can help optimize your underwater operations for efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability.

      MPA Monitoring Consultation

      As part of our commitment to protecting the world’s oceans, we provide consultation services on monitoring Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). We can guide you through the best practices for setting up monitoring equipment and interpreting the data to ensure effective conservation efforts.

        AUV/SUV Charging Consultation

        Effective charging solutions are crucial to maximizing the operational time of AUVs and SUVs (Submersible Utility Vehicles). We offer consultation services to help integrate reliable and efficient charging stations into your underwater operations.

          Our Track Record

          Chris Roper’s history of groundbreaking achievements speaks volumes about what Roper Resources Ltd can do for your project. We bring the same innovative thinking and problem-solving skills that led to these industry firsts to every consultation.

            Student Mentoring

            At Roper Resources Ltd, we are passionate about fostering the next generation of underwater technology experts. We offer free mentoring to students in the field, offering them the benefit of our years of experience and industry insight.



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