Seafloor Power

Introduction to Seafloor Power

In the vast depths of the world’s oceans, the need for reliable and sustainable power is critical. Seafloor power ensures that a wide array of subsea equipment, including sensors, vehicles, and observatories, can operate effectively and continuously, often in the most remote and challenging underwater locations.

The Importance of Renewable Power in Underwater Operations

Renewable energy is the key to sustainable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly underwater operations. It’s not just about providing power; it’s about doing so in a way that preserves the integrity of the ocean environment and enables the full potential of underwater technologies.

Our Renewable Power Solutions

At Roper Resources Ltd, we specialize in delivering renewable power solutions for a wide array of applications, including:

  • Subsea Sensors: Powering the sensors that gather critical data about the underwater environment.
  • AUV Charging: Providing the energy that AUVs need to perform their missions.
  • Camera and Telemetry: Fueling the equipment that captures vital visual data and transmits it to the surface.
  • Sonars and Transponders: Enabling these important navigational and communication tools to operate effectively.
  • Cableless Ocean Observatories: Supplying the power for these sophisticated systems to monitor ocean conditions over long periods.
  • Tie Back Pumping and Monitoring: Supporting these crucial functions in oil and gas operations.
  • Arctic Subsea Security: Assuring the power supply for surveillance and security operations in challenging Arctic conditions.

Integration with Subsea Docking

Our AUV and SUV charging solutions are seamlessly integrated with our subsea docking systems. This integration allows for a streamlined operation where vehicles can dock, recharge, and transfer data in a single step, reducing downtime and increasing overall mission efficiency.


Seafloor Power Infrastructure

Our team at Roper Resources Ltd designs and implements the physical infrastructure necessary to deliver renewable power to the seafloor. We use cutting-edge technologies and materials to ensure the highest levels of durability and performance, even in the harshest underwater conditions.

Seafloor Internet Infrastructure

We also provide robust and reliable internet connectivity on the seafloor. This capability enhances data communication and control in remote underwater locations, offering real-time information access and significantly improving operational efficiency.

Implementation & Maintenance

Our process involves meticulous planning, expert implementation, and dedicated maintenance. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and challenges, then tailor our solutions to meet these needs. After implementation, we offer maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the power and internet infrastructure.

Innovation and Future Outlook

At Roper Resources Ltd, we’re committed to innovation. We constantly explore new technologies and techniques to improve our renewable seafloor power and internet solutions. Our vision for the future is an ocean where human activities and technologies harmoniously coexist with the natural environment, powered by renewable energy.

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