At Roper Resources Ltd, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions for seafloor operations. Our wide range of services is tailored to provide reliable power, seamless connectivity, and efficient monitoring in remote and underwater locations.

Wave Energy

Harness the power of the ocean’s waves with our renewable Wave Energy solutions. We design and implement Wave Energy Conversion Systems, capable of providing consistent and sustainable power in remote coastal locations.

MPA Monitoring

Protect marine biodiversity with our Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Monitoring services. We provide reliable and sustainable power and conductivity solutions for effective MPA monitoring, from system design to installation.

Subsea Docking

Optimize your underwater operations with our Subsea Docking solutions. We provide robust and reliable docking systems for AUVs and SUVs, enhancing their operational efficiency and longevity and support seamless data and power transmission.

AUV & SUV Charging

Keep your Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Submersible Utility Vehicles (SUVs) powered with our specialized charging solutions. We provide renewable seafloor-based power solutions for efficient and eco-friendly charging.

Seafloor Power

Benefit from consistent and sustainable seafloor power for a variety of applications, including powering subsea sensors, telemetry, sonars, and cableless ocean observatories. Our Renewable Power solutions are built for reliability and environmental friendliness.

Consulting Services

Leverage over 40 years of experience in subsea robotics for your projects. Our Consulting Services cover a wide range of topics, including renewable energy, subsea infrastructure, MPA monitoring, and AUV/SUV charging. We also offer student mentoring services.

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