Providing Seafloor Power for Sensors and AUVs


Introduction to Wave Energy

Wave energy is a form of renewable energy that harnesses the natural power of ocean waves. At Roper Resources Ltd, we see wave energy as more than just a sustainable solution; it’s a chance to empower remote communities, fuel autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and contribute to a cleaner, more resilient future.

The Science of Wave Energy

Harnessing wave energy is a remarkable process that converts the ocean’s kinetic energy into usable electricity. While the science behind it may seem complex, it essentially involves capturing the power generated by the movement of waves and converting this into electrical energy. This renewable source of power provides an effective solution for remote coastal locations and underwater operations.

Benefits of Wave Energy

Wave energy offers a reliable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solution to power needs. Unlike traditional energy sources, wave energy relies on the perpetual motion of the ocean, making it a highly dependable and abundant power source. It allows us to power remote coastal villages and underwater vehicles, without harming our planet.

How Wave Energy Works at Roper Resources Ltd

At Roper Resources Ltd, we’ve developed a system called “WETS” (Wave Energy Transfer System). This innovative solution leverages the continuous power of ocean waves to generate electricity. From powering sensors on the seafloor to providing energy for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), our wave energy system delivers reliable, clean energy where it’s needed most.

Our Wave Energy Solutions

We provide comprehensive wave energy systems tailored to specific needs. For remote coastal villages, we offer complete wave power systems, ensuring reliable power supply even in the most isolated locations. Our partnership with C-Power enhances our capabilities, enabling us to offer robust solutions that power underwater activities, such as AUVs and seafloor sensors.

Case Studies

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